Werner Aero Services to Expand its Embraer E-Jet Services

April 24, 2017
Werner Aero Services announced today the expansion of its E-Jet business to now include pooling access and repair management services to E175 and E190 operators. Additional investments have been approved to acquire the assets needed to support this expansion. The company further plans to make additional future investments in the regional market to provide comprehensive nose to tail support.

Werner Aero Services regional business provides complete logistical support to E-Jets (E-175, E-190, E-195) and some turbo-prop aircraft. It offers engines, APUs, component support, pooling access, and repair management. Werner Aero Services’ legacy was created in the regional market and it plans to utilize its expertise and experience to develop customized Embraer programs while providing exceptional customer service.

“As part of the company’s growth plans, we made a strategic decision to expand our Embraer support and are committed to making significant investments to support this market. We have seen great demand for E-Jet support from our customers and decided to respond to the market with new and enhanced offerings. We are increasing our investment in this market and plan to become a world leader in the Embraer aircraft’s logistical solutions.” said Mike Cazaz, CEO of Werner Aero Services.

About Werner Aero Services: Werner Aero Services, widely regarded for its high quality and customer care, is a leader in the aviation industry providing asset management and logistical solutions to airlines worldwide. With offices around the world, it is known for its innovative and total global transportation solutions specializing in supplying jet engines, rotable pooling and repair management. Werner is an ISO 9001 company and FAA AC0056B approved supplier.

For further details, please contact: Brenda Ruditzky at Bruditzky@werneraero.com

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