• Asset Management

    Having the right aircraft components and engines at the right place at the right time to support the uninterrupted revenue service of your fleet is an expensive and complex challenge. The traditional solution has been for airlines to purchase and maintain huge inventories of spare parts creating drag on the balance sheet and the P&L. Airlines have historically tried to balance dispatch reliability against inventory investments and its concomitant costs. In addition to the ever increasing purchase and repair costs, there are the insidious overhead costs associated with managing these assets. This diverts the attention of the airline from focusing on its core business functions.

    Managing aircraft spare parts inventory is Werner Aero Services specialty. We have the talented professionals and resources to effectively plan and manage this vital support role. As a result, we are proud to offer NIRVANA, custom-designed asset management services, that provides total care support to aircraft operators based on their needs.

    Take advantage of the full suite of asset management services, or choose a specific offering for the most appropriate solution for your operation. Utilizing each segment of our NIRVANA program compliments the others and enhances the overall value proposition. Let our experts and inventory of high quality and reliable spare parts work for you.

    Our NIRVANA program can also be tailored for your specific needs. We can cover your entire inventory of rotable parts or provide a laser focused approach on specific ATA chapters or groups of parts that are particularly troublesome. Whatever your needs, we have the solution.

    In addition to improving your dispatch reliability by providing the assets you need when and where they’re needed, we can deliver a lower Maintenance CASM that is highly predicable through our cost per flight hour program. We call this NIRVANA and so will you!

    To learn more about NIRVANA please click here or contact us.

    Our V2500 Nacelle pool affords you the peace of mind knowing that you will have access to these expensive parts whenever you need it. Limit your inventory investment and let us cover your spares requirements. Please click here or contact us for more information.

  • Engines / APUs

    Werner Aero Services with its experienced and highly qualified team understands the financial pressures that aircraft operators and owners continue to face. Commercial aircraft engines and APUs are major drivers of economical importance both from an operational cost and a capital expenditure point of view. Our engine and APU division responds to these market demands and provides innovative engine and APU support services, asset management, and engine programs customized for individual owners and operators. We offer services supporting our clients ensuring these high cost pieces of equipment can be utilized in the most efficient means. Our aim is to support our customers with the most efficient products and services customized to your specific requirements.

    Werner Aero Services’ Engine and APU Division offers engines and APUs for sale, lease, exchange, and sale lease back. Our experience includes all major leading engine OEMs; such as: CFM International, General Electric, Honeywell, International Aero Engines, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce.

  • Aircraft

    Werner Aero Services recognizes that our global customers are seeking more efficient, cost-effective and innovative business models for their aircraft requirements. We are committed to providing the tools and expertise to achieve goals and support aircraft operations. We realize the criticality of aircraft operations and are positioned to act immediately to an AOG situation as well as near- and long-term planning requirements.

    Our proven commercial relationships with approved repair facilities and OEMs result in timely, cost effective, and dependable services for our customers. We are our customers’ global and local partner.

    We have an extensive inventory of aircraft that are available for immediate delivery. This inventory is highly dynamic and adjusts to changing needs in the industry. We can move the parts you need to you from any of our distribution centers located around the world. All of our material is subject to our extensive quality inspection program so you are assured that you have an airworthy part, complete with the necessary documentation from the appropriate aviation authority.

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