Repair Management
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Repair Management

Werner Aero has an extensive network of high quality approved repair agencies that we use to overhaul and repair the components in our rotable parts pool to high technical standards.

We leverage our volume arrangements for the benefit of our customers. Our repair management experts derive the highest level of service and cost efficient repairs from our business partners. Our PBH structure aligns our incentives with our customers as we both strive to optimize on wing time. We do this by managing repairs to a high technical standard that incorporates reliability based service bulletins and product improvements.

Many of our international customers take advantage of Werner Aero’s repair network in the US. They have found the advantages in consolidating many distant repair agencies under one firm. We effectively manage their components through the repair cycle and use our leverage to derive lower costs and better service than our customers would otherwise be able to achieve.

Our customers have experienced outstanding reductions in their TAT as a result. Werner Aero’s stringent supplier management system works closely with our approved vendor network to produce repairs on time.

Our customers have also found significant savings in overhead when they consolidate their repair supplier with us. Doing so greatly reduces the resources they have to expend on managing thousands of transactions. These valuable human resources can be repurposed by the airline to address concerns that are more core airline functions.

The repair management services can be provided as part of the NIRVANA program, part of an overall pooling and consignment total package, or offered as a standalone service. We are happy to engineer the solution that works best for you.

Werner Aero Service’s also offers a fuel nozzles overhaul program which is a customizable program affording customers the use of Werner Aero’s engine team to manage the overhaul of their fuel nozzles. Allowing us to be the single point of contact for the overhaul is the easiest and most cost effective solution. Our fuel nozzle Program covers Pratt & Whitney PW100 series engines fuel nozzles and includes a complete engine fuel nozzle set. Individual fuel nozzle replacements are also available. Advance fuel nozzle exchange sets are available upon request or contractually guaranteed.

Benefits of the Werner Aero repair management program include:

  • Highly reliable repairs
  • Lower costs due to higher volume and increased leverage with suppliers
  • Improved turnaround time = lower inventory
  • Less quotes to manage
  • Less repair orders to expedite
  • Less invoices to administer and pay
  • Fewer suppliers to manage

Benefits of our fuel nozzle program::

  • Flat rate price
  • Same price for overhaul or exchange
  • Guaranteed TAT
  • We manage any variables including scrap
  • Warranty

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